tolstoy would turn in his grave at the thoughtBook
Chapter 1. Tolstoy would turn in his grave at the thought
The translation of this chapter from Russian was done by Joanna Dobson Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
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the eye-opening effects of alcohol on space travelVideos
The Eye-Opening Effects of Alcohol on Space Travel (Passengers 2016, Firefly 2002)
In this video, the reasoning behind the engineer’s behavior is attributed to his peculiar pattern of alcohol consumption.
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the enigmatic pursuits of fishermen and stalin's study of themBook
The Enigmatic Pursuits of Fishermen and Stalin’s Study of Them
Among the musings about the fabric of life that we shall present below, there is an intriguing corollary. We know from the example of Comrade Stalin’
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sacred mystery of the island of fishermen in tunisiaBook
Unraveling the Sacred Mystery of the Island of Fishermen in Tunisia
The Island of Kerkenna, located off the coast of North Africa, is a flat, table-like landmass where only palm trees and cacti grow. Due to the waterless
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murder on the Ice planet interstellarVideos
Murder on the Ice Planet (Interstellar)
How can you identify a traitor like Dr. Mann among people who are highly sympathetic and trustworthy, before they attempt to deceive or even harm you?
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how about showing some respect to the experienced prisonersVideos
How About Showing Some Respect to the Experienced Prisoners? (The Shawshank Redemption)
In order to survive, experienced prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps learned to do many things that other categories of prisoners could not do.
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don corleone's most important dutyVideos
Don Corleone’s Most Important Duty
A real Godfather, a real Don, following the Way of Dragon, assists in the development of successful and lucky people. Criminals without a real Don are
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how important is boob size for being attractiveVideos
How Important Is Boob Size for Being Attractive?
How exactly women use their boobs? Why do they rub their boobs against someone or rub their boobs with their own hands? And why some men declare that they
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avatar pandora invasion armyVideos
Avatar. Pandora Invasion Army
Who do you think is the ultimate villain in the movie Avatar? The colonel? But there is someone worse, who is psychologically identical to a Nazi feldwebel.
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stalin vs turkish wild boarsVideos
Stalin Vs. Turkish Wild Boars
In Turkey, by the ruins of ancient temples, Comrade Stalin has learned something that transformed him into the man he became. Very young Comrade Stalin
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avatar a friend must be better than youVideos
Avatar: a Friend Must Be Better Than You
Why does the young leader of the Navi people shout to Jake, “Courage, warrior,” while he says to the young warriors, “
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how to avoid taking the most dangerous role in a hangoutVideos
How to Avoid Taking the Most Dangerous Role in a Hangout?
Let’s take a look at a video report from one of the artists’ hangouts to solve the mystery of hangouts. Celebrities pretend to be drunk out
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Law of Diomedes' exclusionArticles
Law of Diomedes’ exclusion
While some authors are mediocre, others are brilliant. Ingenious authors (Kollegiya KAA) create masterpieces, works which contain the fullness of detail
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technique for Interrogating womenVideos
A Technique for Interrogating Women (Basic Instinct)
Sharon Stone’s character couldn’t figure out how the deputy prosecutor tricked her by playing a clown, as well as the average viewer of Basic Instinct.
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the consequences of intimacy with a high-end stripperVideos
The Consequences of Intimacy with an High-End Stripper
The famous American film Independence Day from 1996 brought the producers and distributors a huge profit. The film is still remembered and rewatched today.
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how a girl can make you richVideos
How a girl can make you rich?
Very few people can claim to possess a complete knowledge of the female body. However, there are ways to affect the body to reveal the deepest parts of the soul.
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how a girl can help in studyVideos
How a girl can help in study?
Few people remember who she is – a lectress. And in vain. She was paid a lot of money for her services. Donations from patrons will be used to translate
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What to do with Macbeth’s mistress? (Macbeth, 1971)
Tell me which mistress you’ve chosen, and I’ll tell you who you are. Donations from patrons will be used to translate the book “
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game of thronesVideos
Game of Thrones-Tyrion’s Wisdom
Lady Catelyn has a very big secret. Whoever fails to expose another person’s shameful secrets necessarily becomes that person’s puppet. Donations from
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The mystery of the woman who brings good luck (Titanic, 1997)
Understanding the essence of things makes a big difference in life. James Cameron’s famous “Titanic” beautifully shows how knowledge
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sherlock seriesVideos
The mystery of the best episode of Sherlock series
All movie series, even the best ones, are severely restricted: they must not deal in detail with situations that might scare off a female audience.
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