Volunteers needed to edit chapters of “Sacred paleontology”

Volunteers needed to edit chapters

Hi, everyone! We’re looking for native English speakers who would assist our creative team in translating, adapting and narrating works of the famous Russian writer, philosopher and explorer – a pioneer of the new approach in analyzing the masterpieces of cinematography and fiction literature – Alexey Meniailov.

Our project already consists of several hundreds of videos in which Meniailov outstandingly analyzes countless number of classic movies, such as: “The Godfather”, “Forrest Gump”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Poirot” Series, “The Pulp Fiction”, “The Matrix”, and (though it may sound weird for some people) – Shakespeare’ s plays. What I’ve mentioned is not even a tenth part of all the works of fiction and movies (we’re now talking only of works well-known to the English-speaking audience) whose veiled core meaning is thoroughly clarified and exposed by Alexei Meniailov and his team of enthusiasts in each video they create.

So far, the project has been functioning for nearly ten years and by now it has a sizeable audience among the Russian intellectual elite. Among Meniailov’s fans are the film directors, actors, scientists, businessmen, politicians etc.

Alexei Meniailov, by all means, can be called a founder of the new branch of science which he himself prefers to call “Sacred Paleontology” (or “Philosophical Paleontology”). Using his developments in Philosophical Paleontology Meniailov explicitly unfolds complex psychological structures in the internationally acclaimed masterpieces that have their real meaning obscured from an average viewer .

Meniailov’s discoveries can sometimes be so stunning that after watching his newest video where he explains a very familiar movie, one cannot help but feel that he has never really seen the film at all, even if he has watched it many times – such is the effect of unexpected and surprising conclusions Meniailov regularly makes in most of his works. At the same time these conclusions, findings and discoveries are presented without unnecessary complexity – his reasoning and logic are crystal clear and simple, fully in accordance with the saying: “Everything ingenious is simple”. Moreover, Meniailov tries to keep his reasoning as solid as the medium he works with allows him. The details he uses to arrive to the unexpected conclusions lie in plain sight, and all he does is technically just adding two and two together.

However, the irony of the modern philosophy in particular and the life in general is that adding two and two happens to be an undoable exercise for the overwhelming part of men, yet those who manage to learn this essential skill, can eventually become the founders and pioneers of a new science themselves or succeed in other field of activities…

ATTENTION!!! This post is not for those who are simply looking for a part time job or a gig, but for those who wish to participate in a pioneer research with a team of enthusiasts, and who are eager to plunge into something new and exciting, in other words “to take the red pill”.

We’ll send the draft chapters in English for the preview to the applicants wishing to participate in the project.

Write in the comments and we will get back to you.

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Sacred Paleontology
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  1. Roman

    I would like to help with the book’s translation

  2. Daniel

    If you still need applicants for the project, here i am at your free disposal.

    With best regards,