Chapter 5. The mystery of the god Amon and the ammonites

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In ancient times many peoples used to choose a specific animal to symbolize themselves, for clarity. The ancients did it since they were able to observe the outside world objects and analyze what they’d witnessed. Russians, for example, had chosen the bear. Nowadays, the journalists’ and the ordinary writers’ explanation of this choice: the bears are the most powerful beasts in today’s woods. But there is a far more noble explanation of that choice, obviously, long forgotten. This explanation is a sacred one and it is Meniaylov again who revived this forgotten knowledge. The matter is that the bears, before falling into hibernation, get themselves rid of the vermin; saying simply, shit the vermin out via a special method. This bear’s ability can be looked at as a symbolical display of wisdom. That’s so because in order to gain wisdom, one must previously get nonsenses exposed and uncovered, which is to get rid of delusions, beliefs, beneficial only to the vermin. As to the question why this noble interpretation of choosing the bear as a symbol in our time period is forgotten, after all, in history of any folk apart from periods full of successes, there are also periods with fewer achievements.

bears baloo

As a symbol of themselves peoples always tend to choose the most beautiful object, the object that allows to see the achieved spiritual heights of society’s members. Some peoples, and there is no lack of them, had chosen the wolf. Indeed, particularly the wolves own extraordinarily beautiful features which cannot but elevate anyone who decided to contemplate particularly these wonderful beings. The wolves are monogamous which means they don’t change their sexual partners. Not only during their partner’s lifetime are they true to him or her as it is opposite for mares, pigs or hounds, and for many other species similar to them, but once widowed, carry on being widowers till the end of their lives. Some of these widowers eventually become legendary wise lone wolves, who in fact are chief-coordinators over multiple wolf packs.

wolf akela

Moreover, it’s been frequently observed as a wolf pack supports its enfeebled old leader. Grey-haired like old Akela, he is not able to hunt anymore or even to chew his own food by himself, his food is chewed for him by other wolves, but this wolf-mentor, usually completely grizzled, is not abandoned. He is helped to get around by two younger wolves, which accompany him at both sides wherever he goes, and this supporting couple is regularly replaced. Ability to speak is not spotted among the wolves yet; thereby wisdom of the grey-haired leader is transmitted to the young ones psycho-energetically. Unfortunately, the old leader cannot pass on his wisdom to the youth all at once because the wolves too, alas, stick to the well-known principle: «a peasant will not cross himself before it begins to thunder». I.e. first turmoil must take place in pack’s life and only then the younger wolves, beaten down by life, would consent to accept a certain segment of wisdom from the teacher. But today’s people have unlearnt to be up to such heights as wolves are. In legendary times, supposedly, capable they were.

younger wolves

And even in legendary times too, there were, perhaps, different periods: the good ones and yet the better ones. In one such, figuratively speaking, an ideal period, the most spiritually advanced folk of the time, in search of an inspiring symbol of itself could appeal not only to the contemporary existing creatures of their period, but also to those which are seen to us only as paleontological remains. Everybody’s already got it – I’m hinting at ammonites and at the caste of priests of Amon, the Supreme God of the most archaic antiquity; and, perhaps, not only Egyptian one.

mowgli collegiums

The ammonites have a very beautiful method of reproduction. They copulate only once in lifetime. Today’s science believes that as soon as ammonites reached the age of puberty, they would unite into flocks and began to look for a mating partner. After a choice had been done, a coitus happened, and a male even not having finished this coitus, died of exhaustion. The fertilized female kept living on for another several weeks, while the roe was being formed, and then, having spawned the roe in the near-surface layer of sea water, she died as well. The paleontologists reconstructed this process, for this purpose they involved the available data on currently living distant relatives of ammonites – nautilus and squids. But these ammonites’ distant relatives are far more vulgar.

The paleontologists do describe this, as we shall see below, extraordinarily beautiful process but their own works they leave unsigned. Why? Most likely, they are wary. Let’s remember the American author Mark Twain, who having written a novel about Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, shunned signing it with his name for fear of reprisals. Another’s greater perfection, which essentially exposes and shames some of spectators, causes the spectators’ strongest hatred. Nowadays, analysis of the consequences of ammonites’ mating life is just as dangerous, as in the times of Mark Twain was dangerous the analysis of moral beauty of Joan of Arc’s life and death — and the authors feel this danger. That’s why the texts are left unsigned. In Russia, at least.

The mutations occur with the acceptance of all members of a mutational group. Indeed, what happens if one or another species voluntarily absorbs in itself such kind of a mutation that copulation would become possible only once in lifetime? Cognition comes through comparison. What is a modern woman’s sexual life, at least of one of their sort? A deflowerer is apart, a husband is apart, lovers are apart. And all this does not include the so-called affairs. It seems that even females of homo sapiens would have thought ten times over before copulating with a deflowerer – a deflowerer is surely the most disgusting specimen amongst her future partners, and, no matter how and what she plays, justifying herself, she, as a rule, does not care about him, he is just a sort of technical device – so as to be dying afterwards during several weeks. Hardly can it seem such a bright perspective for her to throw herself at a deflowerer, as it is customary in lives of homosaps.

Completely another matter, if copulation is possible only once in lifetime, one can go for it only with a purpose for the beloved creature of complementary sex to live on, up to eternity – in his descendants, which she would gift him. Sex-self-sacrifice.

All these “on the side” lovers, fleeting affairs and, especially, a deflowerer, in order to remain beside a certain constant partner, like husband, demand of a woman to lie abundantly while remembering these “on the side” ones. But where the lies are, a sublime friendship is impossible. And without friendship, that is to say a genuine union, in which fully synchronized both – aims and sense of beauty, e.g. a role model of heroes is mutual, no mutation is possible. However, in order to go further through life with changing conditions, mutations are essential. Requirement for a mutation consists in coherence of comrades, in quantity over a hundred. Thus, from evolutional perspective, capabilities of Homo sapiens and ammonites are incomparable. That is to say, knowing merely about the way of copulation, and about one more aspect, which will be explained slightly below, it can be told at once which species will be gone extinct, being unable to mutate, and which one, on the contrary, will get mutated at first need.

Before keeping on with the discourse, we shall figure out whether ammonites had really gone extinct on biological level – permanently and untraceably. Present science, which often changes its views, assumes that ammonites went completely extinct during Cretaceous–Paleogene catastrophe, as a result of which, due to the fall of several large meteorites at once, mass volcanic eruptions had been caused and their cinders had blocked the sun, as a consequence, ocean temperature and chemical composition of its superficial layer had been changed abruptly. Under such circumstances, the thing that saves from extinction is usually a serious mutation, and the more cardinal it is, the better.


The ammonites, which are deemed by science as record-holders in mutations, all of a sudden, allegedly, had stopped mutating. It’s believed so, despite many millions of years of their leading position in mutational ability. In today’s ordinary paleontological science, there is such postulate, quite utterly unfounded: a mutation, as a general rule, can lead only to infinitesimal transformations. By default, it is considered that a mutation reveals itself in a very insignificant transformation of a species. For example, aphids, and the aphids are monophagous, which means they are able to digest only one plant, instead of one plant they’ve started to feed on another one – here is a display of mutation. By the way, after such mutation, they cannot breed with their close relatives anymore. But the aphids themselves externally hardly have been changed. Let’s term this postulated infinitesimal transformation as a notional mutational step. But after all, it may be assumed that the record-holders in mutations can evolve straight by several stages ahead, straight by several steps!

Perhaps, on average, this is how it goes that a mutational step is insignificant, but from record-holders a giant step can be expected, which would be equal to tens of regular mutational steps. Under such a large-scaled mutation, the ammonites should have had evolved beyond recognition. Say, from aquatic animals they might have had evolved into terrestrial ones – and even into the wolves. No, don’t you think that we assume that ammonites during Cretaceous–Paleogene catastrophe had evolved into wolves or into their predecessors, but in theory why not – with a monumental outlook on life? In that case, ammonites hadn’t actually gone extinct – they simply greatly evolved. If so, everything comes into place, because, wouldn’t you agree that if there ever were anyone who shouldn’t have gone extinct permanently, it should have been the record-holders in mutations?

So, the ammonites – while they looked like ammonites, do not cease to amaze scientists by their abilities in high-speed mutations. For a mutation to take place, comradely relations in a mutational group are essential, but for this, personal unfalse state of mind alone is not sufficient. Quite a highly developed level of inner world is required as well. If all the truths about world structure are to be cognized individually and, besides, from a clean slate, then getting deeply into the territory of Truth becomes impossible. An example of this are dumb monitor lizards. They, for sure, if ever they learn, it is only from their own experience with no teachers amongst them. For anyone who wishes to advance in comprehension of Truth considerably further than monitor lizards have, it is essential to consolidate within oneself the ability to respect the teachers: after all, only on condition of elaborated respect to the world of teachers, only then can you spiritually grow, and, as a result, gain access into a mutational group. I.e. in the communion of ammonites should be found relations similar to the relations of wolves towards some of their old enfeebled leaders.

So, it can be assumed that some of the ammonites took on a monastic life, adopted it voluntarily and consciously, and, because of this decision their lives were extended rather significantly, given that death would come solely shortly after the first copulation, these monks eventually grew up into teachers of their folk. It could very well be that precisely these monks are the ones who reached enormous sizes. After all, ammonites are said to grow throughout their entire lives. We do not insist about the size, anyway, it is nothing but a conjecture. Nevertheless, it’s interesting that joy is stronger at the discovery of a large fossil ammonite, than at a small one. Besides, all these bizarre combinations of words in our language: “a large scientist”, “a large thinker”…

It is different, however, amongst the wolves: the available data from the literature reports that the «wolf-monks» grew and grow up from the widowers. What path of raising the spiritual monks is better – through widowhood or through virginity? The views, certainly, will differ.

But let’s return to the version suggesting that the priests of the god Amon had named themselves after the ammonites. The ammonites are primary, the priests and their God’s name – are secondary. To make a decision about self-denomination, one needs not only to be honest, but also to possess a vast knowledge about the ammonites. The ancients, by the way, amaze our contemporaries through and through by their monumental wisdom. For example, how did the ancient priests manage to create the Sky map? The Sky map covers the entire celestial sphere, but the whole celestial sphere is visible from no place on Earth. To draw up the Sky map one must, at least, travel a lot, and one life with technical opportunities of that time would not have been sufficient – or one must possess some superpowers. Say, to possess the ability of forming a collective mind on the same principle needed for a mutation of a mutational group. And here we go again – the ammonites!


Even a slight acquaintance with the Sky map leads to a realization that the subjects which interested its authors were sacred; in other words, comradely. Acquiring knowledge about the ammonites in present extent, which is transferred into this work, seems to be immeasurably simpler than the ancients’ lore required for creating the Sky map. It is of interest that Amon, in his most ancient sense, was regarded as God of the Starry Sky.

So, these outstanding in their abilities people, priests of the god Amon, had deemed it beneficial for themselves and for their close ones to look up to the ammonites, and not to the wolves or to the bears. If nowadays any folk has done the same, it would have impressed the surrounding peoples by its luckiness, advancement in science and economic achievements. But it’s not so easy to vanquish the deceptions instilled by she-neighbors, and by the same as these she-neighbors one’s mammy, that a fulfilled woman is a woman who lives according to the principle: a deflowerer is apart, a husband is apart, lovers are apart, and all this not including the fleeting affairs.

The Amon cult knowledge, either in verbal or in written form is lost. But, supposedly, it is unlikely that decline of the cognition has reached absolute zero level. If we had absolute zero, we would have been all already dead. But we, as a species, are still alive. This knowledge lives in people’s unconscious, in the better part of our subconscious. That’s why through the ages there could not but happen exhibitions of approaches to the forgotten cult of Amon with all its purity of intersexual relations.

Naturally, immediately comes to mind the Cult of the Virgin. The subject of sexual purity is brought right into the title – virgin. The information about the Cult of the Virgin is scant, our Orthodox Church did not begrudge allocating a great deal of money to combat this embodiment of concept of purity and honesty, apparently, the groundwork for comradeship.

There is inkling that in the beginning of the 20th century, the word «ammonites» was not even known to the peasants and hunters of Arkhangelsk region. On the other hand, in ancient times the living lions were not seen by the hunters of Arkhangelsk region either, yet the lions on the northern embroideries, say, on the towels, do appear. By the way, the lions inhabit not only in Africa but on the Sky map as well. The information about philosophical viewpoints in the context of the Cult of the Virgin, let us repeat, is lost, but the financial accounting documents on spending money allocated to combating the Cult of the Virgin have been preserved. These documents of financial accountability were discovered by the officer of Solvychegodsk museum of local lore – Nadezhda Dolgodvorova, while she worked in the archives of Velikiy Ustyug city.
In above-mentioned Solvychegodsk, the paleontologist comrade Stalin was serving his term of exile (obviously, before the revolution) and it is known that during his exile he went along with a timber merchant Nekrasov to a village called Pozharishcha, to meet a priest Afanasy Chernykh (Belykh).

comrade stalin
Comrade Stalin

But even Nadezhda Dolgodvorova told nothing about the historic excavatings which were carried out only a few kilometers away from the village Pozharishcha by one of the fathers of Russian Paleontology – Amalitsky. The excavatings had been carried out before the paleontologist comrade Stalin was exiled to those lands.

paleontological layers

So here we are, everything is in one place: the famous excavatings of Amalitsky’s paleontological expedition, the paleontologist comrade Stalin, Afanasy Chernykh-Belykh, the man, whom the locals called «wizard»; the cult of the Virgin, to combating which large sums of money were allocated precisely in those lands, Stalin’s personal order to establish the Paleontological museum in Moscow… What exactly do these things mean altogether combined, I cannot tell, I’m not even trying to comprehend it, I don’t believe that I ever will be capable to do this, no matter in which incarnation. But I am sure that for the priests of Amon, with all their great possibilities of collective mind, to disentangle this whole thing would not be beyond the realm of possibilities.

The subject of moral purity is present in all world religions. According to the Bible, a clergyman must be a husband of one wife and also not to be a pervert, so must his wife – what is it if not the echo of knowledge about the ammonites? The same thing is in the other world religions. This leads to the conclusion that they are all derived from the same root. What if, indeed, this root should be looked for below the ground surface? In the paleontological layers?

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